Paper Constructions
2003 - 2006

The genesis of these works goes back to the tearing up and throwing away of old work in the period 1997-2000. It is difficult to be too precise about dates, but during that period, at different times, I would sift through a folder and begin discarding, what I thought of as junk. Among the many ideas that arose from this process, as I tore paper into strips or squares, was to make some drawings, long and thin, using these scraps, reinventing them as my “ born again drawings”.

I did a series of these drawings and as I developed them they got longer and longer and thinner and thinner, their surface being rubbed away with graphite until they could have been mistaken for leather or parchment. At this point I felt the logic of the idea was pushing me to make a drawing, no wider than a line drawn by a pencil, I didn’t immediately see how to do it but  this idea stuck and stimulated a whole series of informal and rough pieces, until , by accident I  eventually make just such a drawing. I was surrounded by, grubby, graphite covered strips of paper and noticed that when cut, a thin white line, the centre of the paper, appeared. I looked and looked at this for some time, on and of for several weeks in fact, until, without too much fuss, I stuck said piece of paper, by its’ edge, on to a piece of card It was such a simple act, so simple I didn’t realise its’ potential for some months. I had put it away in a drawer and only when I found it as” fresh” did I really see what I had done. This small, line, as I saw it, seemed to float, rather than be attached to the surface, to which it had been glued.

From that single piece, evolved the paper constructions I do now. They are organised using similar formal ideas as the acrylics and drawings I did between 2001-2004. I have introduced changes, at various times, in scale, from 12ins. Square to 40ins square and introduced a limited change in colour, from simply black & white to the use of a neutral grey and a very dark blue that and using different types of white paper, have given me more scope to develop this aspect of my output.